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Inflatable climbing tower. Soaring high into the eaves of the building it will take nerves of steel to climb all the way to the top. Are you brave enough to take on the challenge?  

Battle Duel

Battle Duel is a gladiator duel for 7 people.  Try to knock your opponent off with a pugel stick. Only the most skilful will come away a champion!  


This is so much fun when you compete against a friend, you both will have a velcro band around your waist and you have to run and put the stick onto the end of the bungee run, but it's not easy the bungee rope will pull you back so you will have to start all over again! 

Assault COURSE

This is a 3 lane assault course, where you can race your friends, or even a complete stranger for the title of champion! You will climb over obstacles,  through obstacles and under them, and down a slide into a ball pit to finish. Are you upto the challenge?

Vertical Drop SLide

This has 2 lanes, suitable for all ages, that after the climb up to the top.

wrecking ball 

A duel for 4 people.  Push the giant ball at your opponents and try to knock them off with the giant ball. To win this you will need to duck and dive and not get hit by the giant wrecking ball. 

ufo shaking table 

Try and balance on here, you will need to hold on because the UFO table will shake, it is so much fun holding on, but even the strongest will not be able to hold on for long. 

Cross Training

Weave in and out of obstacles, up and over to make your way around the park. The crosses are fun and another places to hide from friends. 

Crazy DOuble lane slide 

This slide is a vertical drop, only the brave will be able to attempt to climb up the steep steps to the top of this high slide. Feel the adrenaline running through your body when you take the leap down the slide. 

Giant Ball JumP

Like a 'Wipeout' challenge  for all ages. Jump from giant bouncy ball to giant bouncy ball, hang on or or drop onto the inflatable area! This is not as easy as it looks!

Football and basketball arena

An Inflatable Sports Arena where you can practice your basketball shots or even play a game of football. Great fun for all abilities.

Cross Jungle

Can you make it out of the inflatable jungle? This is a super sized area where you will need to fight through and find your way out, try not to get too stuck there are many ways just need to find one. 


Fun for 6 people, this game will take you back to when you played the board game, race your opponents to collect balls, the winner is the person with the most balls collected. 


See if you can make it to the top on the ladder without it spinning around and throwing you off, how good is your balance?


Fun for 2 people, a boxing ring with giant inflatable gloves. Who are you going to take on in the ring?

Inflatable surfing 

Can you surf your way thought this wavy obstacle, balancing and speed here is helpful when you prepare yourself to surf. 

Ball PIT Courner

It doesn't matter how old you are ... everyone has lots of fun in a ball pit. We have thousands of plastic balls for you to play in our ball pit courner.

TUBES Forest

A series of air filled biff bash tubes, that you can have fun chasing through and hiding from friends while in the tubes forest.

ToDDLER ZONE (Under 5)

A dedicated area especially for the Under 5's. This zone comes complete with its own slide, basketball hoops, climbing wall, ball pool, hide and seek den, sit on animal, magic air vents,  bash trees, tunnel and bouncy fun. There are also no big kids to get in the way.