Is there parking available?

Free parking is available on site. 

IS THERE accomodation nearby?

Yes, and for every customer visiting us, you will get a 5% discount on your next stay with any Travelodge.
The closest Travelodge to Inflatable Zone is Travelodge Central Newhall Street. (approx 0.8 miles away)
To receive your discount, please
click here.
here to view further information on Travelodges in Birmingham. 


Free Wifi available.

Air Conditioned viewing area.

Cafe serving hot and cold snacks, cold drinks and ILLY Coffee. 


What are your opening hours?

We are open every Saturday and Sunday and ALL School Holidays. 
Please click here to see our current opening times, it is always advisable to check on the online booking system as we may close early for training, maintenance etc. and also have classes/sessions throughout the week which are closed to the general public.

Book online to guarantee preferred time and to avoid disappointment.


Do I need to make reservations or do I just show up?

As we operate a strict safety capacity of 120, it is always advisable to book online. This will guarantee you your preferred booking slot. You can turn up and pay, but you may have to wait if we are at capacity.


How do I use Free Return passes?

These passes are designed to allow party guests to return at a later date. They cannot be used for a block booking. A maximum of 4 booked together is allowed. To use please book as normal and use the return code to obtain your discount. These passes are usually from competition or charity events where Inflatable Zone has donated passes for prizes. 


Can I enter the park with a cast/broken bone?

No, you may feel good, but broken bones take time to strengthen. You should not jump until 6 weeks after you have had your cast removed.


Is there only for 60 minutes time in the park?

No, 30 minute, 90 minute and 120 minute slots are available too.


What happens if I am late to my booked session time?

Your session starts on time, with or without you. We cannot guarantee that you can rebook to a later slot. If we are at full capacity you will lose the time you are late.


Do I have to rent shoes or buy socks?

You need to wear plain socks (not grip socks) Reusable pairs are available on reception.


Can I wear my own socks?

Yes you can wear your own socks but they must be clean and in good condition, we do have INFLATABLE ZONE socks available at reception for £1 per pair.  


Should I fill in a waiver form before I get there?

We have 3 screens for you to complete your waiver on site. But why wait and risk delay on your funtime? Completion online before you arrive is the best option click here to fill in wavier now.  


Do I need to fill out a waiver each time I visit?

No, your online waiver last for 12 months.


Does everybody need to fill out a waiver?

Yesevery customer must have an online waiver completed, under 18s need their own parent/guardian to complete on their behalf.

Click here to fill in your waiver now. 


What are the wristbands for?

They are to indicate how much time you have left and that you have received the safety briefing. When you hear your colour called please leave the park immediately.


Do you have somewhere for me to put my belongings?

We provide lockers for hire for your valuables. INFLATABLE ZONE are not responsible for any items left outside lockers.


Is there an age limit?

There is age limit at Inflatable Zone.

To go on the main area unaccompanied customers must be 5yrs or older. 

Toddlers (age 4 and under) are welcome click here for full details. 


Is there a weight limit?

Yes, the weight limit is 120kg. Our policy is to recommend that anyone with individual weight-related concerns consult a physician and receive medical clearance for rigorous physical activity on an unstable surface before engaging at INFLATABLE ZONE.


Can I drop my kids off and leave?

All children 12 and younger must have an adult present at all times. 13 and older can be left unattended. All children must have a signed waiver from their own parent/guardian. Click here to fill in the waiver now. 


Do you have fitness classes?

Yes we are starting these in September, please email info@inflatablezone.co.uk to register your interest. 


Can I bring my own food inside?

No you can not bring in your own food. A full range of drinks and snacks are available.


I’d like to work at INFLATABLE ZONE, are you hiring?

Please email your CV to : info@inflatablezone.co.uk. 

We are always looking for good, attentive staff.                                                 

For insurance reasons we do not offer Job Experience.


Can I rent INFLATABLE ZONE exclusively for a private party?

Yes you can. Check out our parties pages for details and contact us via email info@inflatablezone.co.uk


What should I wear?

Wear clothes that are comfortable and loose. We recommend you wear long sleeve and long trousers to avoid friction burns. Don’t wear anything with metal on it like jeans. Rivets, belt buckles, zips etc. can all damage our Inflatables. You can enter the park wearing your glasses, we have head bands available if necessary. Long hair must be worn back with a band, also available on reception.


Do you provide gift vouchers and how long are they valid for?

Yes we do they are valid for 12 months.


Where is INFLATABLE ZONE located?

We are near to Birmingham City Centre, only 2min drive form the Jewellery Quarter. You can see a detailed map if you click here. 

PlayFootball Arena

20 Great King Street North
West Midlands
B19 2LF


Is my booking refundable or transferable?

All bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable.


What time should I arrive for my booking?

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to booked time to check in and watch the safety video.


What if I have questions and want to contact someone?

Contact us at info@inflatablezone.co.uk and we will reply within 24 hours.


Do you give a student discount?

Student discount is available for all students (with a valid student ID) for bookings during school term time.


Are there change rooms available?

Yes, we do have changing and shower facilities.


Do you offer group rates?

Yes – Discounts apply for any booking of 10 or more people. Please email info@inflatablezone.co.uk for me details. 


Do I need to enter the park with my children?

No, you can if you want to, you will enjoy it!
As long as you are watching your children under 12 there is no need to enter the park with them. There is no charge for spectators. 


What time are the sessions?

Take-off is every 15 minutes, so that you don’t have to wait long for your session. We recommend you book on the quieter times of quarter to and quarter past the hour.